Apple Watch Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Free Lifetime Replacements

Tempered Glass that stretches even with the curves of your Apple Watch. Covering the entire screen from edge to edge. 9H Hardness and curved edges ensure your Apple Watch is fully protected while maintaining the natural look of your Apple Watch. Crystal clear with HD clarity and full touch sensitivity. Adhesive covers the whole screen protector ensuring a secure fit. The adhesive also creates a safe layer between the Tempered Glass and your Apple Watch to absorb shock from any accidents.  

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Screen protectors are non-refundable

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    1. Clean Apple Watch screen with the included cleaning wipe #1.

    2. Fully dry the Apple Watch face with cleaning wipe #2 and ensure there is no dust between the protector and the Apple Watch screen.

    3. Apply the screen protector and push out any bubbles.

    4. Be gentle the first 20 minutes of applying to the adhesive can fully activate.

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