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June 09, 2019

Apple has all the hype right now. When Apple released subscriptions, I was excited to drop cable and go full streaming because I love my Apple TV. Fast forward to today, and I am having second thoughts.

 After the announcement, I quickly got on and looked at it to see what would be a good fit. I found MTV's subscription something I would like so I went with that to test the waters. While there are quite a few shows on MTV's streaming service, I opted to watch Ridiculousness. I binged watched about 2-3 seasons of this show, and now whenever I try to watch the next episode or even a previous episode from years ago, I am prompted to buy an episode or a season pass to continue watching. I found this off-putting considering I am paying them a monthly fee to watch this as it is and now I need to pay even more money to watch what I was watching? 

 Please note that this happens only after you watch so many episodes of one series. I am still able to pull up Wild'n Out and watch it with my subscription for free. It's after you watch so many of the same series it will ask you to pay to watch more. Hopefully, this is a bug or a test because I don't think anyone wants to pay more to stream more of their favorite show simply because they've watched it so many times. Let's hope something changes soon.