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June 06, 2019

Apple is polishing Maps to be a worthy competitor to Google Maps. All these new changes coming from IOS 13 breathes fresh air on functionality and aesthetics.

The Detail

The amount of detail in Apple Maps in IOS 13 is tremendous. From transit to roadblocks, Apple Maps covers a lot of ground. Apple told us they sent out more people to collect more data. It's easy to say this, however opening Apple Maps you'll see it immediately. 

Weather Conditions & Air Quality

When you search for a place in Apple Maps, you will be able to see the current weather conditions and the air quality. This changes automatically as you search through maps. Swiping through cities and watching it change is compelling.

Improved Usability

When you open Maps, you can swipe up from the bottom, and you'll be presented with this menu as shown above. The segmentation between Favorite Places, Collections, and Recently Viewed is useful. It's nice to see Apple making this more user-friendly.


The detail within the flyover is impressive. You can flyover New York one swipe at a time. Seeing restaurants and shopping outlets while looking at the 3D pictures is an exciting look at what technology can do today. Not to mention what comes next as AR and VR become more mainstream.

Look Around

This new feature is something we're all familiar with. Apple brought Google Street View to Apple Maps. Only a couple of places offer Look Around at this moment as well. From our tests, it seems smooth, and I believe the picture quality is superior to that of Google. I can't wait for this to be available in more places.

Overall, Apple is making some much-needed improvements to Maps in IOS 13. Not only increasing information but usability as well. Remember, this is only Beta 1, and things could change for the better or worse. Also, note the screenshots above were taken in Apple Maps in IOS 13 with Dark Mode enabled.