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May 28, 2019

Most iPhone cases these days are dull and fragile. One drop or knock causes this imperfection on your case that's supposed to last for years. We have a little secret to let you in on. It's not your fault.

Kevlar iPhone case. Carbon Fiber iPhone case.

The material used in most iPhone cases these days is some kind of rubber. There's a lot of variety as people revise their own version for better protection. While only worrying about that as the primary purpose of the case you lose out on crucial parts we care about. Most rubber cases will gain a yellowish tint and look disgusting even after just a couple months of use. The sun's UV rays cause this discoloration. The real way to stop it? Don't go outside. However, we have a better solution. It's effortless. Don't use a rubber.

Kevlar iPhone case. Carbon Fiber iPhone case.

We have come up with a way to use Aramid Fiber. This precise manufacturing process molds the Aramid Fiber to the shape of your iPhone. Aramid Fiber is the same material that is found in products ranging from aerospace equipment to body armor for your local law enforcement. It would seem natural that this material would protect your iPhone, unlike the rest. 


Kevlar iPhone case. Carbon Fiber iPhone case.

Benefits of using Aramid for iPhone

  • Scratch Proof - Aramid Fiber is extremely strong. It takes a particular mineral to scratch. These materials aren't found in most households.

  • Waterproof - Repealing all water and most oils that come in contact. It will stay clean longer. Just make sure your phone can take a splash.
  • Never Yellow - Not being made from rubber has its benefits. It won't discolor ever.
  • Never deforms - Aramid Fiber holds its shape without bending or deforming after regular use.
  • Thin - Thinner than a credit card. Stronger than steel at the same thickness.
  • Lightweight - So lightweight you won't even notice it's on your iPhone.
  • Wireless Charging - Stay wireless. This case is precisely manufactured to work with wireless charging.


In almost all categories Aramid for iPhone outperforms every other case on the market. The durable and premium materials are very apparent when holding Aramid for iPhone in your hands. The texture of Aramid Fiber is soft and comfortable while also being grippy. It's time to upgrade your lifestyle.