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May 26, 2019

15 Tips and tricks for Apple Watch

    Apples are juicy, delicious fruits that many people love. Nowadays, when the term “Apple” is uttered, nine times out of 10, it’s regarding the Cupertino tech GIANT’s beloved devices. Apple has not only altered the mobile device industry, but they have also successfully managed to monopolize it by controlling the fabric that determines immortality… time.

    Since expanding into the time tracking market, Apple has dominated the market & doesn’t appear to be losing steam. To remain lightyears ahead of their competition, the billion dollar company ensures their watches are fully equipped for all individuals. Thus, the engineers loaded the watches with many unusual hidden seeds. The following are a few:

    The new (1) ECG Feature allows Apple Watch uses over the age of 22 to monitor their health from the comfort of their device. Users have to ensure they are updated to at least watchOS 5.1.2 version and upon successfully setting up their app; they can begin receiving ECG reports. This is a pretty cool feature for the emoji heartlovers. ECG is only available on Apple Watch Series 4.

    Users can also (2) customize their interface. The new Apple Watch design comes equipped with a larger surface area that allows more info on the watch face. Pure Force Touch anywhere on the watch face, swipe to the end and add the Infographic watch face.

    (3) Visual faces are also available for the AW4. These gems give the owner more command of their device while broadcasting to the world, “Check me out!

    A hidden seed that many should know how to perform, but don’t is (4) Force Quitting Apps. FQA keeps the battery maximized and helps the device operate smoothly. Press and hold the side button until the Power menu pops up. When it does, hold down the Digital Crown to bring unwanted open apps crumbling down.

    Being able to (5) Clear Browsing Data is an effective tool too. Simply navigate to Settings > General > Website Date > Clear Website Data. Perfecto, the browsing data is permanently deleted.

    Which brings us to hidden seed (6) Disabling the WalkieTalkie Icon. Sometimes in life, we share our locations without knowing we’ve done so. If by any chance you’ve marked yourself “Available” on the Apple Watch, don’t panic, it’s correctable. Just open the app, zip to the top, and select the toggle next to the Available button.

    Users that love fitness have hidden seeds worth digging out. Being able to (7) Mark, a Segment during a workout is valuable. Launch the Workout App > Choose the type of exercise then get started. To divide your workout into two segments, raise your wrist and double-tap on the screen. If more segments are required, follow the same procedures. 

    Fitness buffs are also able to (8) View Segment Metrics from their AW4 on their iPhones. Launch the Activity App > Tap Workouts tab then select the previously recorded workout you desire to view.

    In the core of Apple’s hidden seeds are tips related to prolonging its battery life. How long the battery last typically depends on the usage. However, there are a few things the user can do to get the best battery life possible. (9) Turn off the Wake Screen on the Wrist Raise feature to reduce the amount of power being drained from the battery. Settings > General > Wake Screen > then toggle off on Wrist Raise.

    (10) Enabling Theater Mode is also an excellent way to increase battery length. Doing so automatically silences notifications and other battery draining alerts. This neat trick gives your watch a little more stored power.

    (11) Hey, Siri is a great virtual personal assistant, but she does require a salary of watts to perform her tasks effectively. If you don’t utilize her often or not at all, feel free to terminate her services. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t mind a vacation. Settings > General > Siri > then toggle off. So long Siri. Now that you’ve fired Siri, certain things you’ll have to know how to do on your own.

    (12) Orientation Flipping is a great skill to learn to master, especially if you’re unorthodox. Settings > General > Orientation then switch to Right.

    Another quick skill to note is the (13) Cover to Mute feature. In the event, you receive an alert, call, vibration at a horrible time, cover the Apple Watch with your palm to mute the sound, haptic feedback, and turn off the screen. Talk about a lifesaver. Apple Watch has a bright feature that’s buried deep within a hidden seed.

    The AW’s (14) Flashlight comes in handy when you least expect it; to access, zip up from the Control Center and tap the Flashlight icon. You can select traditional white, flashing white or emergency red.

    If for some reason you are not able to locate this final hidden seed, do not hesitate to flash your emergency red light on your AW. Apple’s quality control listened to all of the suggestions and decided to act upon a few. One complaint that was swiftly addressed in the latest update was being able to (15) Access Control Center and Notifications Anywhere on the device. When you’re in an app, tap and hold on the bottom or top edge until you see the panel appear, then drag and drop it up or down to reveal the Control Center or Notifications.

    The AW4 is undoubtedly the most famous watch available on the market. Realistically, it’s the best of its peers and will continue to stronghold the industry as long as Apple steadfastly fills the core with unusual hidden seeds.